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SMT Production Rework, Soldering and Assembly Modules

Introducing Air-Vac's new and affordable high performance, fully automated, SMT Rework system.

DRS25 SMT Rework
  DRS27 | DRS27T.6Z
Large board BGA/SMT rework machines with 70mm to 125mm vision alignment and a high efficiency IR preheater.
DRS27 SMT Rework
High performance, robotic SMT rework, assembly and production system with unparalleled automation.
ONYX29 SMT Rework

High performance, mid-range industrial standard for lead-free rework and repair of BGA's, CSP's, Flip Chip, 0201's, more.

DRS25 SMT Rework


Nozzle Tooling
For SMT component removal and site cleaning. Standard and Micro Nozzles for DRS25, DRS27 and ONYX29 Systems.
BGA Rework Nozzles


Rework & Site Clean Kits
For Micro Components. Precision rework and site cleaning in four simple steps.

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