Air-Vac Engineering - Environmental Policy

Effective July 31, 2012

Environmental Management System (EMS)
• Environmental Policy
• Environmental Objectives
• Significant Environmental Aspects
• Progress Against Environmental Objectives
• Regulatory Fines and Penalties

Air-Vac Environmental Policy
Air-Vac is committed to conduct its operations in an environmental responsible manner and towards reducing its environmental footprint.

Air-Vac commits to:
- Encourage and apply pollution prevention and resource conservation
- Strive to continuously improve our environmental management system and practices
- To meet or exceed all applicable laws, regulations and other requirements to which our company subscribes

We require the involvement and commitment of all company employees working as a team towards the implementation of our environmental management system.

Everyone is responsible to follow documented policies and procedures, and continually contribute to the improvement of everything we do.

This policy has been prepared by the Air-Vac management and will be reviewed annually.

C: Continuous Improvement
O: Obey the Law
P: Prevent Pollution

Air-Vac Environmental Objectives
- Reduce the overall waste going to the landfill by 5% in 2014.
- Reduce overall energy usage by 1% in 2014.

Air-Vac Significant Environmental Aspects
- Waste (what goes to the Landfill)
- Energy Usage (Power, Gas & Water)
- Oil & Coolant Usage (Spills and Discharges)

Progress Against Environmental Objectives
Air-Vac established its EMS in August, 2012. Implementation of a comprehensive program to separate recyclables from trash has resulted in a 40% reduction in waste going to the landfill in August-December 2012, compared to the same period in 2011.

Air-Vac also coordinated a comprehensive energy audit by World Energy, however the large investment required is not possible at this time. A 1% reduction in energy usage was realized in August-December 2012, compared to the same period in 2011.

Regulatory Fines and Penalties




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