Vacuum Desoldering
PVSG60E Tool:





For Individual Lead Desoldering
The Vacuum Desoldering Tool utilizes a tubular tip
which transmits heat to an individual solder joint
and vacuum removes solder, leaving leads and
holes clean.

Lead Desolder

• Instantaneous High Vacuum activated with the touch of a button
• 25"Hg Vacuum Level
• 2 scfm Vacuum Flow insures Clean Vacuum Passages
• Quick Response for Effective Removal of Molten Solder
• Maintenance Free Vacuum with No Moving Parts to wear or fail



PVSG Replacement Parts

PVSG Parts




Parts Description
1 - Cal16: Air Line
2 - PES21EZ: Exit Section
3 - RSF3: Rear Silicone Fitting
4 - FE13: Filter Element
5 - VGT13: Heat Resistent Collector
6 - MST14S: Metal Solder Trap
7 - C2VGT: Cork Ring
8 - FSF2: Front Silicone Fitting
9 - VIF60E: Intermediate Fitting
10 - VHE60E: Heating Element
11 - GS20: Gap Section
12 - BVA23: Button Valve Assembly
13 - M30: Exhaust Muffler
14 - HC24E: Holding Clamp
15 - Replaceable Tip

Replaceable Tips
Proper size selection is critical to successful desoldering. Select the smallest I.D. that will fit over leads without binding while permitting molten solder to pass up through the tip. Select the largest O.D. that will remain on pad without touching the circuit board material.

Tip No. I.D. O.D.
22 .025 .050
30 .036 .076
40 .045 .086
50 .051 .098
60 .061 .098
70 .071 .125
90 .095 .125



PES21EZ Exit Section Replacement Parts


Parts Description
1 - RSF3: Rear Silicone Fitting
2 - GS20: Brass Gap Section
3 - BVA23: Button Valve Assembly
4 - PES21EZ: Plastic Exit Section
5 - Clean, Compressed Air Supply (70-80 psi)
6 - M30: Muffler

Maintenance Instructions
2 - Clean the external surface using solvent and soft brush. Be careful not to nick or deform the end. The internal diameter and through hole must be clean of any foreign matter. A drill which is slightly smaller than the diameter can be used.

3 - Clean opening and neoprene o-ring of line scale and flux. Valve must move freely to lubricate the internal o-ring, a drop of oil should be applied to the shaft of the button stem.

4 - The internal passage must be cleaned of flux and small particles. Clean with soft object such as pipe cleaner or swab. Damage can be a result when using a sharp object.

6 - Clean the inside chamber of flux and small solder particles. If contamination cannot be removed, then replace muffler. Dirty muffler will restrict the flow of air and will reduce the vacuum force which will affect the desoldering operation.



A perforated shield completely surrounds the heating element. The stand includes a sponge for cleaning tip of oxides. Part No. PTH6.

Solder Stand






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