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Fast & Simple Operation
Removal: Locate nozzle over component, everything else is automatic (nozzle height adjustment, heating, vacuum sensing, removal, and drop off).
Site Cleaning: The vacuum sensor automatically adjusts to insure that the tip does not contact the board pads.
Replacement: Operator aligns component, then pick-up, placement, and all heating and cooling processes are automatic.

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Repeatable Thermal Performance
Closed-Loop Temperature + Flow Rate = Total Closed-Loop Heating
• Calibration controls for temperature and flow rate at multiple set points.
• Upper Heater: 1000 watt high efficiency (patented) with PID control and integrated cool air bypass reduces package temperature and controls joint time over reflow. Mass flow controller regulates precise heat flow (accuracy and linearity +/-1%, repeatability , .1% full scales).
• Preheater: Radiant IR panel bottom heater, high thermal uniformity, based on proprietary design.
• Integrated automatic pcb and machine cooldown system; insures operator safety handling pcb, brings system back to initial conditions for process repeatability and aids in controlling joint time over reflow.
• Integrated pop-up pcb supports, pcb expansion control, and flexible position pcb edge supports.




Closed-Loop Automation
Promotes Simple, Fast, Non-Operator Dependent Process Control
• Force placement control: load cell indicates actual (real-time) and target setting (50-3000 grams).
• Motorized z and vision axis: component placement, pickup, flux/solder dipping and drop off.
• Vacuum sensor control: activates automatic component removal (eliminating solder squeeze out). Site cleaning non-contact tip height is accurately monitored and maintained.
• Temperature-based preheat: regardless of machine or board conditions, the non-contact IR sensor triggers when preheat setting is reached and monitors throughout the process.



Accurate, Crisp Vision Alignment

Clear, fast, precise distinction of pads and leads
• Leica inspection-quality stereo microscope
• Green (component) and white (board) LED's with independent intensity
• Zoom lens with up to 2.75" component viewing
• Adjustable viewing angle allows ability to see reflow




Proprietary Site Cleaning
Non-contact vacuum removal
• Vacuum sensor automatically and continually adjusts tip height and compensates for variable residue solder volume.
• Closed-loop hot gas heats pads after component is removed.
• Non-abrasive, composite vacuum tip safely removes residual solder. Eliminates damage to pads and solder mask caused by contact-based methods.
• Micro components utilize micro contact tips without affecting adjacent dense area.

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Micro Component Rework & Site Cleaning Kits

Precision Rework in Four Simple Steps!
• Removal, Site Clean, Apply Solder Paste, and Component Replacement
• Kits available for various Ultra Micro and Micro Components

• Component specific Micro Tips for precision process operations




Custom Nozzle Design
Engineering design is critical to thermal process control
• Standard nozzles for conventional components
• Special nozzles for special attention to thermal control, joint temperature uniformity, limitation of heat to device or sensitive areas and production concerns. Air-Vac has designed and manufactured thousands of standard and custom nozzles for BGA's, 01005's, connectors, QFN's, sockets, and more.




Auto Profiling Software

Quick and easy one pass thermal profiling
• Simply set the target temperature and go.
• Preheat, soak, ramp, reflow, and cool down events are automatically run.
• After the profile is complete, then entire rework process (removal, site cleaning, replacement) is built automatically and ready to run.




Life of Equipment Support
Free phone support and software upgrades
• Our ongoing technical service and process support is a major value-added part of our total product offering.



DRS25 Systems Include:
• High Efficiency Preheater: 24" x 16" (7500 watts)
• Board Carrier: 24" x 24"
• Topside Clearance: 2.3"
• Programmable Board Cooling System
• Nozzle "Cool Air" Injection
• Desktop Computer (Windows 7), Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
• Thermal Tutor Software with Automatic Profile Build Function
• Leica Stereo Microscope with Zoom Lens
• Green/White LED Vision with Independent Top & Bottom Adjustment
• Closed-Loop Air/Gas Adjustment using Mass Flow Controller
• Real-Time Force Placement
• 8 Programmable Thermocouple Channels
• Maintenance and Verification



• 2-zone, 16"x16", 5000w,
IR Preheater
• Board size: 18"x24"
• Clearance (top/bottom): 1"/1"

(xlarge boards)
• 3-zone, 24"x16", 7500w
IR Preheater
• Board size: 24"x24"
• Clearance (top/bottom): 1"/1"

(xtra topside clearance)
• 2-zone, 16"x16", 5000w
IR Preheater
• Board size: 18"x24"
• Clearance (top/bottom): 2.3"/1"

(xl boards, xl top clearance)
• 3-zone, 24"x16", 7500w
IR Preheater
• Board size: 24"x24"
• Clearance (top/bottom): 2.3"/1"




Pivoting IR Probe with Laser Pointer #1012.02.017
• Provides process repeatability by insuring that the board is at the exact same target temperature each time before localized reflow begins.
• Operator is instructed to position the sensor at the beginning of the process.
• The non-contact temperature sensor monitors topside board temperature and automatically triggers the localized reflow process once the target is reached.




Component Rework & Site Cleaning Kits >
• Precision Rework in Four Simple Steps!
• Removal, Site Clean, Apply Solder Paste, and Component Replacement
• Kits available for various Ultra Micro and Micro Components




Universal Insertion Tool #AU6LGA47R
• Mechanically self-centers any device for accurate pick up.
• Used in conjunction with Vision System Component Shuttle.
• Component range 6-47mm




Direct View Camera System #0025.03.010
• Provides operator with magnified viewing for component alignment
or reflow at board level.
• Camera adjustments include focus, zoom, and apeture.
• Includes camera/zoom lens, fiber optic lighting, 20" monitor, and boom stand.




Dippable Solder Paste/Flux Applicator Kit #FASET1
• Stainless steel fluxing pedestals with precision-machined depth
provides controlled application of solder or tacky flux directly to the
solder spheres on the device.
• Includes 10 pedestals ranging from .001" to .015" depth
• Used in conjunction with the Component Shuttle.
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Paste-On-Stencil Adapter #0024.24.111
• Component specific micro stencil applies solder directly to the
component spheres.
• Pasted device in stencil is placed in micro stencil adapter, used
in conjunction with the Component Shuttle to pick the pasted device.




Fume Extraction Manifold & Hose Assembly #1020.01.040
• Removes flux vapors from the work environment for operator
health and safety.
• Requires connection to central exhaust system or dedicated
air purification system.




Ergonomic Workstation #1003.05.010 (and options)
• Provides a self contained work cell environment for the machine and operator.
• 60"W x 36"D, sturdy construction with anti-static laminate surface.
• Includes CPU holder
• Monitor Stand option #1003.05.005
• Nozzle Stand option #1003.05.006
• Locking Drawer option #1003.05.007




Recommended Spare Parts #0025.00.040
• Includes heater element, solid state relay, vacuum filters, vacuum tubing,
and nozzle o-rings.


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