Rework, Repair & Micro Assembly Videos
Air-Vac Engineering has developed innovative solutions for almost every type of SMT rework, repair, micro assembly, dispensing and selective soldering challenge. Air-Vac continues to develop systems and solutions for todays most advanced packages. Please feel free to contact us regarding your application requirements. Shown below are various videos that illustrate Air-Vac's capabilities.

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  01005 Rework on the DRS25      
  01005 Video  



  ONYX500 Overview      

  Package-on-Package (PoP) Rework      

What is PoP?
Two or more vertically stacked packages (components) with spheres on top package attaching to the pads on top of the bottom package.

Why PoP Rework is Required
Packages are thin and prone to warp during reflow, especially the perimeter of the bottom package. Solder paste can not be screen printed on the upper stacks. The result is open solder joints.

hy Automated PoP Rework is Required
ONYX29 automation capabilities far exceed manual operator capabilities for critical rework tasks:

- Force controlled pick, dip and place
- Fully automated, non-contact site cleaning
- Fiducial-based component locating

The ONYX29 process control provides repeatable results that do not depend on the skill level of the operator.

PoP Rework performed on the ONYX29 Advanced Robotic SMT Production Rework and Assembly System. Click here for more ONYX29 information or
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  Increase Small Board Rework Output      


ONYX29 High Throughput Fixture
Rework capacity and process control for small boards can be substantially increased by the addition of the four-zone, high throughput carousel fixture.

Four Zones
When rework is complete in the Rework Zone, the carousel is manually rotated counter-clockwise using rotation knobs. The fixture locking mechanism positions the board in the proper position after rotation. The reworked board is now in the Cooling Zone and can be removed and replaced with a new board.

Improved Process Control

- The next board in Cooling Zone now moves to Preheat Zone 1.
- The board in Preheat Zone 1 moves to Preheat Zone 2.
- The board in Preheat Zone 2 moves to Rework Zone.

The board is now fully preheated, eliminating the typical three to four minute preheat cycle required for each board. Moreover, it provides an exceptionally stable set point temperature, substantially improving process control.


  QFN/MLF® Reballing      
      Pasting Made Easy!
Speed up your rework production. Paste twenty devices at a time with this new technology.


  Solder Paste/Flux Dipping      
      Superior Paste or Flux Dipping
ONYX and DRS Dipping Kit for applying solder paste or flux. Excellent for extremely fine pitch, sphere or leaded size components. No need for component or board stencils.


  Automated BGA Rework      
Automated BGA Rework

  0201 Rework      
Automated 0201 Rework

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